20 Random Facts About Me Tag


1. I have a penchant for doing ugly faces. And when I say ugly, I mean offensively UG-LY. I learned this talent from my older sister Ejaaz( haha sorry Ejaaz).

2. I’ve had 2 unexplained seizures in my lifetime.

3.I’ve known my best friend, Ayat, since 3 weeks after I was born. She was born exactly 3 weeks after me!

4. I HATE reading instructions. I’ll skim over instructions over and over to avoid reading them all the way through. A habit that is counterproductive as it takes more time than were I to just read it once.

5. On the flipside, I love studying languages(yet to gain fluency in any ;( ), and my favorite part is reading the grammar/syntax books. Which essentially is reading instructions.

6.Throughout my life, I’ve had lots of different pets. I’ve had several cats/kittens and dogs/puppies, fish, a bunny, guinea pigs, aquarium shrimp, chicks, and ducks. I also used to play with the colony of hundreds of hermit crabs that feasted on our backyard compost.

7.When I was 17, my old sister Ikhlas and I opened our online store INKhandcrafted. We sell handmade women’s accessories(and one day clothes!! God-willing). Every item is designed and handmade by either her or me! This business is my passion, and I truly love running it.

8.I grow up in a house surrounded by the woods on all four sides. Because of this, I grew up as an outdoors girl. I love exploring nature and going on hikes.

9.Anyone that knows me knows Im freakin’ passionate about art and creating! I am constantly mentally designing and coming up with new ideas. I love learning new craft forms. Im currently teaching myself how to screen print.

10. I love Eureka! moments.

11. I suffer from Trypophobia(which is the fear of holey patterns). Just thinking about it gives me da goosebumps. *shivers*. My little sister Sheereen also has this phobia.

12.Pizza is my favorite food and I find myself day dreaming about it sometimes.

13.I drink caffeinated tea or coffee almost every morning. Im looking for an alternative cause Im at the addiction stage where if I go a day without having it, I end up with a headache. Help….please? 😥

14. When I was younger, I once rigged an animal carrier to capture some stray kittens that were living in my back yard. I meticulously threaded a string through the holes on the carrier door, so that once I pulled the string, the door shut. Next I put food in the cage and hid on my balcony to wait, string in hand. When the kittens came to eat. I pulled the string and voila! I captured 2 of the 3 kittens! The kittens were released shortly after enduring a short confinement in my bathroom.

15. I consider myself someone who is very good at organizing. However, I find it easier to organize other peoples stuff versus my own. Which means my stuff is usually in a state of organized chaos. In other words, Im messy.

16. I tend to eat rather weird food combinations. I think PB & J is one of the most versatile side dishes. PB & J and pizza… mmmmm yum.

17. I don’t think I could even become vegan because I think that butter is just too delicious to give up.

18. I took my first plane trip when I was less than a year old. I went with my mom and dad to get my first passport. I still have that passport. I was crying in it. haha

19. I have my ideal daily schedule organized in my head and Im convinced that I won’t be truly fulfilled until I live somewhat accordingly to that schedule.

20. Recently, Ive become really good at remembering number combinations. Also, recently my already subpar math skills have become even more subpar. That’s what a school hiatus does to you I guess.

Thanks for reading!



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