Imperfect Journey

Hello Readers, I’m Kawthar, welcome to Craft-Fried. 🙂

Starting this blog is many things for me. It is a means for me to learn to write, a skill which I’ve always wanted to have. A way for me to be a little more candid and open in my speech, a goal that I’ve recently set for myself.  An outlet where I can express my creative thoughts and ideas, something I desire constantly! A venue for me to document my growth through life. And finally, a platform for me to share the highs and lows on the path to achieving my goals.

For years the desire to blog has been in my mind, but I’ve been stopped for many different reasons. Fear that what I had to share wasn’t good enough spear-headed my fears.  I feared that I wasn’t at all good at blogging, or collecting my thoughts well enough to form an interesting enough post (which may be true haha). But, even throughout all my apprehension, the desire to pursue blogging has never left me. And although I have different reasons for wanting to blog,  I honestly just think it will be fun!

So now I’m doing it. And I intend to remind myself every step of the way that the most fun thing about this is the possibility of discovery. So, with this blog I hope to give a candid look at my imperfect journey to achieving “life”. I hope you stick around.



P.S. Woohoo, life!


20 Random Facts About Me Tag


1. I have a penchant for doing ugly faces. And when I say ugly, I mean offensively UG-LY. I learned this talent from my older sister Ejaaz( haha sorry Ejaaz).

2. I’ve had 2 unexplained seizures in my lifetime.

3.I’ve known my best friend, Ayat, since 3 weeks after I was born. She was born exactly 3 weeks after me!

4. I HATE reading instructions. I’ll skim over instructions over and over to avoid reading them all the way through. A habit that is counterproductive as it takes more time than were I to just read it once.

5. On the flipside, I love studying languages(yet to gain fluency in any ;( ), and my favorite part is reading the grammar/syntax books. Which essentially is reading instructions.

6.Throughout my life, I’ve had lots of different pets. I’ve had several cats/kittens and dogs/puppies, fish, a bunny, guinea pigs, aquarium shrimp, chicks, and ducks. I also used to play with the colony of hundreds of hermit crabs that feasted on our backyard compost.

7.When I was 17, my old sister Ikhlas and I opened our online store INKhandcrafted. We sell handmade women’s accessories(and one day clothes!! God-willing). Every item is designed and handmade by either her or me! This business is my passion, and I truly love running it.

8.I grow up in a house surrounded by the woods on all four sides. Because of this, I grew up as an outdoors girl. I love exploring nature and going on hikes.

9.Anyone that knows me knows Im freakin’ passionate about art and creating! I am constantly mentally designing and coming up with new ideas. I love learning new craft forms. Im currently teaching myself how to screen print.

10. I love Eureka! moments.

11. I suffer from Trypophobia(which is the fear of holey patterns). Just thinking about it gives me da goosebumps. *shivers*. My little sister Sheereen also has this phobia.

12.Pizza is my favorite food and I find myself day dreaming about it sometimes.

13.I drink caffeinated tea or coffee almost every morning. Im looking for an alternative cause Im at the addiction stage where if I go a day without having it, I end up with a headache. Help….please? 😥

14. When I was younger, I once rigged an animal carrier to capture some stray kittens that were living in my back yard. I meticulously threaded a string through the holes on the carrier door, so that once I pulled the string, the door shut. Next I put food in the cage and hid on my balcony to wait, string in hand. When the kittens came to eat. I pulled the string and voila! I captured 2 of the 3 kittens! The kittens were released shortly after enduring a short confinement in my bathroom.

15. I consider myself someone who is very good at organizing. However, I find it easier to organize other peoples stuff versus my own. Which means my stuff is usually in a state of organized chaos. In other words, Im messy.

16. I tend to eat rather weird food combinations. I think PB & J is one of the most versatile side dishes. PB & J and pizza… mmmmm yum.

17. I don’t think I could even become vegan because I think that butter is just too delicious to give up.

18. I took my first plane trip when I was less than a year old. I went with my mom and dad to get my first passport. I still have that passport. I was crying in it. haha

19. I have my ideal daily schedule organized in my head and Im convinced that I won’t be truly fulfilled until I live somewhat accordingly to that schedule.

20. Recently, Ive become really good at remembering number combinations. Also, recently my already subpar math skills have become even more subpar. That’s what a school hiatus does to you I guess.

Thanks for reading!